Biomass Boilers

Biomass Boilers

Greenfield Technologies is currently offering a single line of biomass boilers utilizing conventional firewood, sawdust, wood chips and other woody biomass fuel sources. The Wood Gun has the distinction of the longest record of support for any automatically fed biomass boiler, period. Nevertheless, that's not all that makes it a special case. Where other biomass boiler manufacturers are all about scale, with their smallest units operating at over 3 mmBTU, the commercial Wood Gun checks in with sizes starting as low as 205,000 BTU. All can utilize conventional firewood (hand fired only) and when properly equipped, automatically fed biomass. 

Why Small is Beautiful

In addition to the advantage of a lower cost for automatic biomass heating, scaling down means less need to aggregate and transport large quantities of biomass fuel. The automatically fed commercial Wood Gun can utilize smaller fuel streams cost effectively. Transporting biomass means more cost, less sustainability, and a cost versus reward set point that prices most applications out of the ballpark. 

Why Utilize Greenfield Technologies to Source Your Wood Gun

It is common to purchase Wood Gun boilers direct from the manufacturer. The following reasons are why you should consider working with Greenfield Technologies instead. We will work with you to source:

Buying through Greenfield Technologies also means you will be supporting ongoing efforts to engineer combined heat and power and biochar production versions of the Wood Gun. You will be supporting the efforts of a company devoted to a practical sustainability that values the environment and your bottom line.